Our New Tres Chili

We are excited to announce our newest flavor, Tres Chili, which is our unsweetened corn burrito sauce with the same unique flavors but with heat of  Habanero, Jalepeno, and yellow chili. Now available on Amazon and our Farmers Market boot. Click image to view Amazon listing!!
Tres chili front (1)

Farmers Market 2019

Now selling in Thousand Oaks Thursday 12-5PM and Ventura 8AM -12PM

Tastes Great!

Try it on corn burritos, tacos and even pizza!
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Hi Ho Original Sauce

Enjoy a local Ventura, California tradition. 
This iconic sauce is the secret
to making HiHo Corn Burritos,
 a rolled corn tortilla
filled with beans and topped
with cheddar cheese and red sauce.

This sauce’s blend of
fresh produce and spices
creates a mildly sweet
yet spicy flavor that
is uniquely HiHo.

It’s also the perfect addition
to many other dishes…
for recipe ideas
visit us on 


From corn burritos, to bbq food,
send us your favorite recipe using
Hi Ho sauce!

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